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Are there any girls without drama out there

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However, the movie just felt boring to me. I couldn't finish it. The animation style is unique?

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She told herself "social media hype isn't real", and that the views on the withoutt song wouldn't match up. Vanessa's first song, The Situation, was a tongue-in-cheek send released as part of a duo with fellow rapper, Abigail Asante. This movie in my opinion should have been a short film.

It's important to Vanessa that her personality shines through in her music. Now, with the same cheeky energy and quick wit, she's bulldozed her way into the drill music scene. I like to shock people.

The teaser posted online before the song release went viral, but Vanessa was still dubious. On it, she raps with a unique flow and clever lyricism - confronting accusations about her personal and sex life head on.

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About sharing thers copyrightFireshone image caption"Why would I be friendly on the mic? After she proceeded in her own lane, things started to accelerate.

The year-old artist, real name Vanessa Mahi, tells Radio 1 Newsbeat about the "mad transition". However, the movie just felt boring to me.

Also, the story itself seems cool but in execution it just feels bland. I couldn't finish it.

Almost 5 million YouTube views and 4 million Spotify streams later, she realised she could "really do this". Was this review helpful to you?

I got 40 minutes into this and had to turn it off. I say things that will make people talk, other people are afraid to do that.

The Ivorian Doll YouTube channel contained unfiltered stories about being cheated on or having fights. Some things in this film look beautiful, other seem messy and jumbled.

They see me and think 'how can she look like that but sound so aggressive? However the film's cover is not the animation style. It was "the kind of stuff people talk about with their friends" and brought her hundreds of thousands of viewers. That's why at the end of it I say 'I said what I said'.

Vanessa was always involved in some sort of high-profile argument. How could she?

The animation style is unique?