Have You Ever Considered Including Tofu in Your Diet?


Tofu in your Diet

It's very likely that, if you're entering the world of veganism, you've heard the word tofu, but you don't know what it's all about. In this new entry we will tell you what it is, why it has an important role in the world of vegan food and what are its benefits for your health.


What is tofu?

Tofu is a food that comes from soybeans. Its origin is oriental, and is prepared with water, which then passes through different solidifiers or coagulants so that it has a hard consistency. Its function is to concentrate soy protein, in addition to having essential amino acids that regulate the control of cholesterol in the blood.


Asian gastronomy is mainly responsible for the fact that in different parts of the world soy milk is curdled to prepare tofu. For substituting meat in many ways, tofu has become a basic ingredient in an infinite number of vegan and vegetarian dishes, where interesting and exotic fusions can be appreciated.


People want tofu!

The consumption of tofu has not only increased because it is a substitute for many nutrients that come from meat and that many people are betting on a more balanced and healthy life, but also the expansion of each gastronomic culture has allowed to make known different and delicious ways of preparing it.


What do you know about its benefits?

If you are motivated by what you just read, this will definitely help you decide. Tofu is healthy, nutritious and very tasty, if you know how to cook it. Some of its benefits are:


  • As we mentioned before, it is rich in proteins.
  • It regulates blood circulation, thus helping to prevent heart disease.
  • It is an excellent food for people who want to lose weight while still getting the necessary protein.
  • It provides an important amount of calcium, so people who want to strengthen their bones, especially women going through menopause, can eat it.
  • Scientific studies show that tofu is also involved in the prevention of anemia and cancer.


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