Paleo 101 For Begginers

Have you ever heard of the paleo diet? Today we’ll share a bit of an introduction to it with you, so keep reading!!

Paleo 101

More than a diet, Paleo is a Lifestyle. It's the way we lived when agriculture didn't exist (on the Paleolithic era) and we were still nomads, hunted and collected our own food. It is also called "ancestral nutrition."

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The Paleo diet is based on eating high quality protein (free-range meats, organic eggs, fresh seafood), vegetables, some fruits, nuts, seeds, and healthy fats. While avoiding processed foods, added sugar, legumes, grains and dairy. Being Paleo is not just about losing a few pounds and looking good physically, it's about having a lifestyle that helps you live longer and improves your quality of life by 110%.

The Paleolithic diet invites us to return to our origins, so to speak. Let's go back to eating what we would eat if we were still hunters and gatherers. All kinds of meats, vegetables, some fruits, some tubercles and no added sugar!

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Needless to say, this lifestyle is highly healthy. Processed, canned or boxed foods are extremely harmful, and it is the first thing it invites us to close the doors to. In fact, anything containing toxic chemicals such as trans fats or partially hydrogenated fats is off the menu.

The most important thing is to avoid foods that cause inflammation of the organism, such as grains and the vast majority of dairy products. This way we avoid having an acid pH and we keep away the possibility of developing some type of cancer.

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By preventing inflammation and reducing the chemicals we ingest, we give our body a chance to regenerate itself. This will result in an alert immune system, mental clarity, lots of energy and a body able to regenerate after exercise or a busy day.

We are designed for this diet! This lifestyle is not complicated once we start from the simplest explanation:

We have been on this planet for 2 million years and agriculture has only existed for 10,000 years.

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