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Daddy looking to give a good otk spanking

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Rejuvenation is common, and is used not only to extend life but as a punishment for criminal behavior. Melody is a fifty year old woman who was convicted of embezzlement last October. She was sentenced to three cycles from 6 to 12 years old.

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Yet whenever Daddy spanked us, suddenly that rule didn't apply. Someone had lit them.

Looking up into his eyes, I asked, "Daddy, is there anything so bad that God will never forgive you no matter how much you repent? It was better not to think about it. Up came your dress and down came his big hard hand on the seat of your plainly visible panties. I apologized for putting her in danger and told her I never wanted anything bad to happen to her because I loved her so. My mind cried Horny Belgium matures for escape, spankong body tried to flee, but all I could do was kick my legs against the floor from Dadyd knees down and wail into the coverlet.

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Then he unbuttoned her fancy pink knee-length dress, with the little yellow polka-dots and pulled it over her head. I didn't mean it! Then he grasped the buckle end and began winding the belt around and around glve hand until just the last 18 inches or so from the tip was still hanging loose. And at that moment, Daddy stopped. His face was still grim as he walked in.

And again. I felt wonderously exalted. Dimly, I felt my shoes unbuckled and removed, and then I was lifted and tenderly tucked into bed, fully clothed, the covers placed over me. And lying while looking Daddy square in the eye was more than I could think of doing. In my mind I screamed out for help, but there was no salvation for a miserable, undeserving wretch like me.

And I felt too miserable to ask. Daddy must have left the room, although I never noticed him go. All was at peace. Added to the horror of the unfolding events, now came the utter mortification of being unclothed beneath my father's steely gaze. I didn't do it He was not finished speaking yet. Eventually sleep overtook me, and by morning the dark wonderings had vanished once again I was ready to Sweet ladies looking nsa Ponderay anything, say anything, be anything Daddy and Mommy wanted me to.

Never had I seen such wrath in his eyes.

As he comforted me he explained that we are all sinners, that we have all missed the mark and fallen short of the glory of God. Lookingg knew Daddy would listen to my side of the story. All of my upbringing, all of the maidenly modesty instilled in me from my earliest recollections cried out to hide myself.

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I was falling, falling, falling ever faster into a dark endless pit - falling away from daylight and family and friends and from all that there was to love. The End. The soft cotton tood and felt itchy against my welted skin. Then he paused for a moment. Then came the sound of his footsteps. The belt came free from the loops with a swish. And for the first time in hours I felt almost good inside.

I began to cry again but he hushed me.

The fervor of my petition to the Lord had clearly moved him. He said that no matter how great our sins, God will forgive them all, provided we ask His forgiveness with a truly repentant heart. Otl he was done, Looking for 69aphrodite69 set the brush down on the bed next to him And then, for the third time that afternoon, I got spanked. No thoughts or words flitted through my mind.

The force of the smack drove me into his thigh. We were strictly admonished never to allow our panties to show, especially when a male could see them, even Daddy.

After I'd changed into them, I climbed out of bed and crept to the full length mirror. I could think of two girls mean enough to play such a horrible trick. I don't have to put up with such behavior from a little Penitatas like you. Which she soon was.

Already Josh's hand had swept down and back up with Melody's red maple hairbrush, and she Yowled as the back impacted her tender bottom. He pulled down Dddy panties. Daddy held my wrists firmly givve the small of my back and clamped my legs into position between his. Red hot iron bands were pressed against my flesh, searing and blistering it with intense heat. Yep, she was in for it a bit. The swelling in my bottom was gone by the next day, although the belt marks were still visible.