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Think this about money still, ya old fool? Say what you gotta say, but I ain't gonna hear you speak his name to me.

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And you gonna live it with him? ROSE Thought we was gonna be friendly about this.

Folks get sick. Saw it happen to my momma. Rose doesn't answer. The waitress places the coffee between them and leaves.

The content is no various.

You hear? It is an ode to love for women of color, hence the title wommen Eyes". It's over. Our marriage That's all. Like I'm one foot in the dirt. Robinson was credited for singing the introduction, bridge, and other more calm verses while James sang the chorus.

“You’ll know we as if you whenever we do not make an effort to strip mine or colonize you?”

I got living to do. Ain't been right since I moved into that drafty house. Livin' with you. Not never.

61 Short Hairstyles That Black Women Can Wear All Year Long

How many times we been over this, Laz? The song chronicles the narrators affection for a certain woman. Cover versions[ edit ] Silk covered the song on their album, Love Session. Lazarus softens, touching her hand. How many times?

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ROSE Talk to me about sick. Laz has lost her for good. But you do what you can to get on the mend. And that's not gonna happen to me. Say what you gotta say, but I ain't gonna hear you speak his name to me. I deserve better than this.

The Visibility/Invisibility Conundrum

Make me out to look like a fool to all our people. Lost for words and made weak by the mere presence of this lady, Robinson requires James' vocals to reveal how he really feels about this woman, who James thinks givr unaware of his affection and apparent need for her.

Carryin' on behind my back. Think this about money still, ya old fool? Tell me, what's friendly about that?

I feel it.