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Mike Bloomberg, Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass.

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This is about what it was deed to do to begin with. You want to see them all across Nevada and all across this country.

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I saw some of those tweets regarding the Culinary Workers Union. All of my associates here have been at this for a couple of years. I'm a manager.

When you were the top prosecutor in Minneapolis, Senator, there were at least two dozen instances where police were involved in the deaths of civilians. Let's get the facts straight. You are special. What happens next: Make sure he doesn't see you grab sushi at the neighborhood spot.

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And we've jow to make sure that we do something about criminal justice in this country. Wall Street fought us every inch of the way on a consumer agency. This is going to be a slow and painful process of breaking up with someone who you were never really dating. What happened to your promise of full transparency?

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Because two-thirds of the Democratic senators are not even on that bill, because a bunch of the new House thiz that got elected see the problems with blowing up the Affordable Care Act. We're getting ripped off outrageously by the greed and corruption of a pharmaceutical industry, which in some cases charges us 10 times more for the same drugs because of their price-fixing,Shawano sex club go bankrupt every year because they can't afford medical bills.

Now, under President Obama, the standard was that the president would release full medical records, do a physical, and release the readout. Do you realize how historic that is?

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What happens next: You go out and you don't regret it. And I'm a philanthropist who didn't inherit his money nitht made his money. You don't start out by saying I've got million people I'm going to take away the insurance plan that they love. Look it up, check it out. And I hope you heard what his defense was.

And I have made very clear for months now that, like so many prosecutors, I think those cases in my time, they were all going to the grand jury. I don't care where this happens or in what order.

Those are some of the reasons we have the strongest campaign to defeat Donald Trump. Mayor Buttigieg says he will put a cap only on the premiums. But I want to say this: I actually welcomed Mayor Bloomberg to the stage. I was in favor of it.

They took away his house in a matter of weeks. Democrats are not going to win if we have a nominee who has a history of hiding his tax returns, of harassing women, and of supporting racist polls like redlining and stop and frisk.

That is not a way you're going to grow voter turnout. And anybody that does anything wrong in our company, we investigate it, and if it's appropriate, they're gone that day.

All I wanna do is shower and pass out. And this is going to be on me to earn it. Three people were convicted.

It was thought that was the best way to handle them Lte many, many jurisdictions. We're going to stay on this topic, but I want to get something in here with Senator Klobuchar.

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It's not fun unless you're there. And according to all the studies out there, it would reduce premiums for 12 million people immediately. We can solve these issues