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Ssbbw black and cool as st

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Ass hangin' out in the line.

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All galleries and links sst provided by 3rd parties and we have no control over the content of these s. There police were all up in here and I was fliming right under security's nose!

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That was the same guard I swear was checkin' out this honey's ass as she walked out, but whatever. You get to Ssbbs her from the time she walks from the bus to the time I leave the train.

Guess stipes don't make your stomach look smaller. Good shootin', here.

Black Ssbbw Porn

I wanted to charge more for this video, due to how awesome it is, but can't because there's too much where the camera's Casual sex Woodbury too high. Ass hangin' out in the line. You even get an ass surprise at the end. Disclaimer: We have a zero-tolerance policy against illegal pornography. It's not like anything went any way other than right.

This one's different from the other in that it only has focused footage, and nothing that's just about a bunch of women in the neighborhood. The nice gentleman who opened the door for her- probably copping a feel while doing it- must have been looking to closely at how she stuffed those heavy thighs into that car 'cause the brother got his fingers caught!

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It's also too bad that she was wary of me. I thought ass somehow the camera hadn't been turned on when I was back getting footage under the table, so I went back and did it again, to be sure. The the video'd be longer, too. Mostly for pregnant fans among candid bbw lovers, this video's basically got it all: Tits on the top rack, stomachs blqck the middle both kinds of lancaster california escortsthen some ass down low to round out this package.

DAMN all that jiggle and pop! The only problem with this new one is the camera is too high at times.

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Since it WAS working that first time, that means you get a double take to compare! But yeah, shooting this was tougher than I wanted it to be.

We take no responsibility for the content on any website which we link to, please use your own discretion while surfing the links. The only problem with snd classic video was the camera was too low at times.

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Can't believe I was able to successfully tape what I could not even see, even for a moment! It was best I step away, and that was fine because it was time for HER to step to her rider and get in the car. The woman is great but circumstances made the Ssbbq a challenge to shoot, so I give it to you for less. And it's a good thing, too, because that's where I had to shoot most of it blzck

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I can tell by that part where she crossed the street and then crossed back to go to the same store I was going to. Did I mention how good these wide amd sticking-out-in-front thunder thighs looked while she was walking? Still, I shot this video while I was experimenting with a new setup to make better videos in the future, and came home with some serious action. It's kinda crazy, those thick, barrel-like thighs this honey has.

Most Relevant Video : "black bbw ssbbw" Naya tight lady

Anyways, if you like mature boobs, as many people here do, Ssbbq like this one. It's crazy because at first I didn't even know she was there! I thought it wasn't, though!

A lot of hanging out happens during that adn. Seeing this bus stop video might remind some of you guys of a classic video from the bus stop. I know which way she goes, so I should have been on the other side of the building at the end, but ah well. It's dark in the station, but it's HOT on the escalator!

Combined, there are eight minutes of the women! Should've taped her longer in profile.

It was great that I could just walk in front of her and point the camera at all that. Since most of this is of her seated on the train, though, Ssgbw get this video for cheap. She's in the store talking a bunch or at least there's a-ton more verbiage than a blackstreetbbw video normally has helping her sweet old mom get he groceries, while I get mine as well.

For one it was hard to have the camera aimed right, for the other it was hard to be beside her, for the third one was moving in a way I didn't predict quite right. Got a little distracted looking around at other minor targets, also. All Rights reserved. And apparently security was stepped up, because if you listen to the the audio you hear brotherman talking about how security had been "assaulting" him right when the guard came up to talk to me.