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At 16, Ileana, an ill-educated girl from a poor family, was gang-raped at the back of a disco in her home town near Bucharest. Back in Bucharest, the translator and I take Ileana away for what her pimps assume is a "test-drive" to check her suitability for "entertaining" clients at the mythical bar in London. A nervous, pretty, sparrow-like blonde climbed out of the back seat. During the negotiations for Ileana, the senior pimp gives her a good reference.

I am to be her third "owner" and the first to take her out of her home country.

A police spokesman said: "We take reports of trafficking very seriously and will be looking into this case. The second girl, Elena, was offered to me by a baseball cap-wearing pimp in his forties called Gianni. He became her boyfriend and "behaved like a gentleman", she says. The British police deport Swingers club in hutchins.

Swinging. but the traffickers meet them at the airport and they are back in England within three weeks. Eighty miles north-west of the capital, in the town of Pitesti, Iana Matei, who runs a refuge for women who have escaped forced prostitution, is angered by the suggestion that women enjoy being raped, beaten and forced to have sex with dozens of strangers.

Last week, two failed asylum-seekers from Moldova were jailed for bringing almost women into Britain illegally. Nicu insists that the girls would be worse off if they did not have pimps to "protect" them. Attorneys Office of the Eastern District of New York, staff and members of the prosecution team push carts full of court documents related to the U.

We get doctor's papers.

The two thugs asked me about my business and how I planned to take Elena back to England. That ordeal lasted Weeksnd a year before she was returned to Bucharest and sold to her present owners. According to the Home Office, up to 6, girls a year are brought into Britain and sold into the vice industry, many by illegal immigrants and slavd asylum-seekers from Eastern Europe.

She went to the police and gave evidence in court to help convict the traffickers. Casual Dating Howardville

The image on the left side screen is a photo of the branded mark made on a woman with Raniere's initials. The first trafficker changed his mind when his boss ruled that Ioana, another slender brunette - who was also priced at 2, euros and seemed excited at the prospect of going to London - was making him so much money that he did want to lose her. Almost all their profits must be handed over to the pimps.

One inmate, Niculina Nicu, a tough-looking year-old from Bucharest serving eight years for selling a woman for euros, says girls are often sold several times in Romania before being trafficked abroad to satisfy the seemingly endless demand. Alina and Greensburg fitness other girls were taken in a minibus on a two-day Any women in near Ilkley through Hungary and Austria to a hut on the outskirts of Rome where she was raped and beaten by her neighbour and two other men.

Governments should co-operate so the girls can be helped back to their families or to shelters and the police can catch the traffickers. Raniere, who could potentially face life in prison, has pleaded not guilty to sex trafficking, racketeering and other charges.

Bronfman heiress jailed for bankrolling sex slave cult leader | The Times of Israel

If she does this I will cut off her hair," she blurts out. Gianni arrived first and then a car with tinted windows and two heavies sitting in the front screeched to a halt before us. They invariably come from poor, troubled families in the towns and villages of southern Romania, including Calarashi, Slobozia and Constanta. They kept her and five other girls in a disused, windowless freight train carriage with only a blanket to sleep on - and forced her to do more euro sex sessions.

Critics say the police do not do enough to catch traffickers and accuse officers of taking bribes from pimps. I had entered the murky underworld of human traffickers by posing as a British "businessman" looking to purchase Eastern European girls to "work" in a club in London. Or we have other ways.

Actress says she was enticed into Raniere's 'master/slave' sex club

Above him is a screen with an image of a branding, containing his initials KR. The next day in a smoky cafe, we agree a price. With sentences ranging from four to nine years, the traffickers all protest their innocence before going on to reveal the secrets of their sordid but lucrative business. When the pimps were there she spoke only once, to assure me, with sad, pleading eyes: "You will not need to beat me.

Centre for Social Justice: Teenage sex slave raped 90 times in one weekend despite authorities saying she wasn't at risk | Daily Mail Online

Among its prisoners are 26 convicted people-traffickers. In this courtroom drawing, defendant Keith Raniere, center, is seated between his attorneys Paul DerOhannesian, left, and Marc Agnifilo during the first day of his sex trafficking trial, Tuesday, May 7, I have just agreed to buy Ileana Sdx, a year-old Romanian woman.

Some are taken to work in Bucharest and other cities, before being moved on, often to Western Europe, many via "girl markets" in Albania and Macedonia. Eventually, satisfied with my answers, he comes up with the figure of 2, euros. The criminals are becoming more brazen. Resistance is punished with gang-rape and beatings.

Soon afterwards, she was befriended by a young man who, unbeknown Wdekend her, was an accomplice of - possibly even one of - the rapists.